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  PD0255.EXE Patch for MS-DOS 4.0/4.01 & 32MB Files. (PATCH32M.EXE, FASTOPEN.EXE, FORMAT.COM & GRAPHICS.COM) 88KB
 PD0315.EXE MS-DOS Backup/Restore Supplemental Utilities for MS-DOS Versions 3.x,4.x & 5.0 54KB
 MSD33BK.EXE  Contains v3.3 BACKUP.COM & RESTORE.COM to assist in restoring Backup Sets 68KB
 MSD401BK.EXE Contains v4.01 BACKUP.COM & RESTORE.COM to assist in restoring Backup Sets 74KB
 MSD50BK.EXE Contains v5.0 BACKUP.EXE & RESTORE.EXE to assist in restoring Backup Sets 76KB
 PD0321.EXE Removing Non-DOS Partitions with DEBUG (MS-DOS 3.2 Onwards) 16KB
 PD0646.EXE Updated MS-DOS 5.0a CHKDSK.EXE & UNDELETE.EXE for MS-DOS 5.0 Upgrade 40KB
 PD0415.EXE FIXSHIFT.COM for QBasic in MS-DOS Versions 5.0, 6.0 & 6.2 19KB
 PD0495.EXE PRINTFIX.COM for MS-DOS Versions 4.x, 5.0, 6.0 & 6.2 18KB
 PD0488.EXE 8514.VID - Video Driver For MS-DOS 5.0 Shell 22KB
 DOSREF.EXE  Microsoft DOS Quick Reference (HELP.COM for older versions of MS-DOS ~ Dated 1986) 86KB
 PD0489.EXE MS-DOS 5.0 Messages Reference - All MS-DOS 5.0 Commands Listed 73KB
 PD0466.EXE MS-DOS 5.0 - How to Repartition with FDISK 28KB
 GA0363.EXE MSD.EXE Version 2.11 (Microsoft Diagnostics Utility) 185KB
 GA0650.EXE DVORAK Keyboard Layouts for MS-DOS 5.0 onwards (See Also Windows ACCP.EXE) 39KB
 DR0498.EXE MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions 2.2 Information Pack 15KB
 MSCDX223.EXE MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions (MSCDEX) Version 2.23 (For MS-DOS & Windows 3.1) 30KB
 6RK.EXE MS-DOS 6 Resource Kit (Text In Windows Write Format) with 6.22 Update 473KB
 PD0744.TXT MS-DOS 6.0 General Installation Q&A (Also in 6RK.EXE) Display
 PD0745.TXT MS-DOS 6.0 DoubleSpace Q&A (Also in 6RK.EXE) Display
 PD0746.TXT MS-DOS 6.0 MemMaker Q&A (Also in 6RK.EXE) Display
 PD0747.TXT MS-DOS 6.0 Configuration Q&A (Also in 6RK.EXE) Display
 PD0748.TXT MS-DOS 6.0 Backup/Restore Q&A (Also in 6RK.EXE) Display
 PD0470.EXE System Fails when using EMM386 in MS-DOS 5.0, 6.0 & 6.2 Upgrades 21KB
 PD0771.EXE Repartitioning a Hard Disk - MS-DOS 6.0 Onwards 20KB
 PD0805.EXE SMARTDRIVE Version 4.2 for MS-DOS 6.0 28KB
 DOS6SUPP.EXE MS-DOS 6.0 Supplemental (Older Files No Longer Provided in MS-DOS 6.x) 538KB
 DOS62SP.EXE MS-DOS 6.2 Supplimental Files - Including DosShell 764KB
 SUP621.EXE MS-DOS 6.21 Supplimental Files - Including DosShell 756KB
 SUP622.EXE MS-DOS 6.22 Supplimental Files - Including DosShell 782KB
 DOSSHELL.EXE DOSSHELL extracted from above for use with VGA Colour only.- Otherwise use above 210KB
 OLDDOS.EXE MS-DOS 7.0 Supplimental Files (For Win9x Includes INTERLINK, MEMMAKER, DOS HELP & Others) 857KB
 DOSHELP.EXE MS-DOS HELP extracted from OLDDOS (Includes QBasic which is required under 9x) 560KB
 62STEPUP.EXE MS-DOS 6.2 Step-Up for MS-DOS 6.0 Only - With Improved DoubleSpace
(Files can be copied onto 2 x 5" 1.2MB or 2 x 3 720Kb Disks to transfer via older drives)
 622SU1.EXE MS-DOS 6.22 Step-Up Kit DISK #1 for MS-DOS 6.0, 6.2 & 6.21 (Includes DriveSpace) 1175KB
 622SU2.EXE MS-DOS 6.22 Step-Up Kit DISK #2 for MS-DOS 6.0, 6.2 & 6.21 (Includes DriveSpace)
(Disk 1 will fit onto a 5" 1.2MB Disk, and the two files on 'Disk 2' will copy onto 2 x 5." 1.2MB Disks. To install via a 3" 720Kb Disk Drive - Create one large file with WinZip then use the create Self-Extracting File with Disk Spanning Feature)
Note - All versions of MS-DOS 6x Step-Up need to be copied onto disk or new directory  on  harddrive and installed via the SETUP.BAT file provided. Follow Prompts. 
 DBLCONV.EXE DoubleSpace Conversion Kit - Files left out of MS-DOS 6.22 Upgrade 25KB
 EMM622.EXE Updated 6.22 EMM386.EXE & MSD.EXE for MS-DOS 6.0 & 6.2 Users (Same as 6.22) 224KB
 BACKUP6.TXT  Notes on MS-DOS 6x Backup & Restore TEXT
 MSBACK62.EXE MS-DOS 6.2 MSBACKUP Files to restore DOUBLESPACE Compressed Backups 635KB
 MBACK622.EXE MS-DOS 6.22 MSBACKUP Files to restore DRIVESPACE Compressed Backups 610KB
 MWBACK.EXE MS-DOS 6.22 MWBACKUP for Windows 3.1x to Restore Windows Backup Sets 317KB
 INTERLK6.EXE MS-DOS 6 InterLink Application Files (Interlnk.exe, Intersvr.exe & Interlnk.txt) 72KB
  SETVER.TXT Notes on how to use Setver to use applications in a newer version of DOS TEXT
 MOUSE82.EXE MS Mouse Driver (MOUSE.COM) Version 8.2 for MS-DOS (Add line to Autoexec.Bat) 57KB
 COMPRESS.EXE MS File Compression Utility (Syntax = Compress test.exe  test.ex_ ) 16KB
 EXPAND.EXE MS File Expansion Utility (Syntax = Expand test.ex_  test.exe) 17KB
 DSK3-1.EXE Microsoft Network Client Version 3.0 for MS-DOS  Disk #1 846KB
 DSK3-2.EXE Microsoft Network Client Version 3.0 for MS-DOS  Disk #2 270KB
 GWBASIC.EXE Microsoft GW Basic Version 3.22 81KB
 INDEX.TXT Complete On-line Microsoft FTP Listing - Updated Regularly (Over 2900 Files)  Display
 README.TXT Notes on Microsoft FTP Software Library and INDEX.TXT Display

 RightClick on above files - Then Copy to Folder To Save File to your Hard Drive to read Off-line


 Other MS-DOS Resources/Utilities

 SHARE.EXE SHARE.EXE from ROM-DOS 7.0 for use with WinDOS or MS-DOS 7.10 if required 4.5KB
 DOS Navigator DOS Navigator is a multi-purpose DOS Shell that cannot be discribed in so little  words.The latest freeware version of Dos Navigator is available to download. 750KB
 BCWIPPD.ZIP Shreds Data according to U.S. Department of Defense recommendations to destroy all Data on a Hard Drive (DoD 5200.28-STD) by seven pass extended character rotation wiping. 22KB
 ST201F.EXE Screen Thief for DOS v2.01 Freeware Edition (Screen Capture Utility) 70KB
 NU45A.EXE Norton Utilities 4.5 Advanced Edition.~ Includes WipeData and SpeedDisk (16bit only) 520KB
 NC1.EXE Norton Commander Version 1.0 73KB
 Y2KFIX.EXE DOS Based Year2000 BIOS Test & Fix Utility with Instructions for use (OK for Win31) 73KB
 CDROM.EXE Universal IDE CD-ROM Driver for MS-DOS & Windows (By OAK Technologies) 162KB
 THEPATCH.EXE Alternative Universal IDE CD-ROM Drivers for MS-DOS & Windows 3.1 65KB
 GSCD.EXE LG/Goldstar IDE CD-ROM Driver (95% Effective)
With Eject, Close, Lock & UnLock Utilities
 SCSI_KIT.EXE Adaptec SCSI Driver Kit for DOS and Windows (c/w MSCDEX.EXE) 588KB
 CDROM.HTM Visit the CD-ROM Page for further advice, and CD-ROM Boot Disk. LINK 
 PCMCIA.HTM Visit the PCMCIA Support Page for Card Services Drivers and Information LINK
 FX2.EXE FastLynx 2.0 for DOS with Windows 386 Enhanced Mode Support & full text manual LINK
 LAPLINK3.EXE LapLink Version 3.0a - Only 1 small file, Ideal for copying onto Bootdisks ect. 96KB
 LAPLINK4.EXE LapLink ProVersion 4.0 - A More user friendly but larger version of Laplink plus Text Editor 340KB
 LAPLINK5.ZIP LapLink 5 for DOS 286KB
 CABLE.HTM Notes on LapLink/FastLynx or InterLink Data Transfer Cable (with wiring diagram) LINK
 FDF.EXE Can Format Disks to MS 1.7MB DMF - FDRead makes them usable on MS-DOS PC 57KB
 LFN.EXE  Odi's LFN Tools is a set of applications to manage Long Filenames in 'Real' DOS Mode. 230KB
 DOSLFN.EXE Long Filename Utility for Windows 9x COMMAND.COM in Real Mode (Updated) 157KB
 LFNDOS.EXE TSR Long Filename support for MS-DOS 3.3 upwards. 57KB
 XXCOPY.EXE XXCOPY is a Freeware update to XCOPY which supports Long Filenames. 38KB
 NTFSDOS.EXE Driver to allow access to NTFS drives from Dos 37KB

 Boot Disks and Disk Imagers

 Bootdisk Project A selection of 'Basic' DOS Bootdisks and Add-On Modules. LINK
 DCP26.EXE Disk Image Pro V2.6 Diskette Image Creation and Extraction Utility (95/98/ME/2K/NT/XP) 82KB
 DCF53.EXE Disk Copy Fast v5.3 Diskette Creation Utility for DOS (95/98/ME/2K/NT/XP) 82KB
 WINMA1630.ZIP WinImage v3.0 16bit version for Windows 3.1x - Self Extracting 167KB
 WINIMA80.EXE WinImage v8.0 32bit version for Windows 9x, NT (x86), 2000 & XP - Self Extracting 622KB
 BOOT500.EXE Boot Disk Dos 5.0 - Self Extracting 640KB
 BOOT600.EXE Boot Disk Dos 6.0 - Self Extracting 686KB
 BOOT621.EXE Boot Disk Dos 6.21 - Self Extracting 684KB
 BOOT622.EXE Boot Disk Dos 6.22 - Self Extracting 1,030KB
 WIN3XBOT.ZIP Boot Disk Dos 6.22 Win 3x 1,030KB
 BOOT95A.EXE Win 95 Original - FAT 16 Only - Self Extracting 765KB
 BOOT95B.EXE Win 95B - FAT 16 & 32 - Self Extracting 859KB
 BOOT98.EXE Win 98 OEM - Self Extracting 847KB
 BOOT98C.EXE Win 98 Custom, No Ramdrive - Self Extracting 845KB
 BOOT98SE.EXE Win 98SE OEM - Self Extracting 843KB
 BOOT98SC.EXE Win 98 Custom No Ramdrive - Self Extracting 892KB
 BOOTME.EXE Win ME OEM - Self Extracting 818KB
 BOOTMEC.EXE Win ME Custom No Ramdrive - Self Extracting 865KB
 MS7CDROM.EXE A MS-DOS 7.0 Bootdisk with CD-ROM detector & installer - Self Extracting 1,127KB
 DISKIMAGEPRO26.EXE Disk Image Pro 2.6 - DOS version 82KB
 DRDOS705.DCF A DR Dos 7.05 Boot Disk - DCF image 181KB
 MSDOS8BD.DCF MSDOS 8.0 Boot Disk - DCF Image 361KB
 MSDOS98D.DCF Win 98 Boot Disk - DCF Image 361KB
 NT.ZIP NT 4 Boot Disk 1,686KB
 PCD2KBD.DCF PCDOS 2K Boot Disk - DCF Image 1,207KB
 WIN2K.ZIP Win 2000 Pro Boot Disk 3,489KB
 W98SEBD.DCF Win 98SE Boot Disk - DCF Image 1,207KB
 THE_RENAME.EXE The Renamer 236KB
 REGHELP.EXE Registry Help 236KB
 POPDOS.ZIP PopDos - DCF Image 153KB
 CAL.EXE Dos Calendar Program 83KB
 COLOR.COM Displays DOS Color Codes 5KB
 CYLON.COM Changes DOS Cursor to Cylon Cursor 1KB
 FINWIZ.EXE Financial Wizard 232KB
 FM.COM File Modifier - File Hex Editor 10KB
 NUKE.COM Directory/Tree Nuker - Dangerous! 1KB
 OBJASM.ZIP Convert MSDOS Object (.OBJ) file to Assembler Source 45KB
 WRITENOW.RAR Word Processor with Spell Checker 133KB
 QUICKSORT.RAR Absolute Fastest Sorting and Most Versitile Sort Program Ever Made 70KB
 SHOWENV.EXE Displays List of DOS Enviroment Variables 11KB
 22DISK.RAR Formats 3.5 Floppies to 2.0M 75KB
 AUTO47.RAR Automenu 4.7 129KB
 DEBTMGR.RAR Debt Manager - Get out of debt 44KB
 FINCALC.RAR Financial Calculator 35KB
 PGP23A.RAR Pretty Good Privacy 2.3 Public Key Encrption 173KB
 HELPDOS.RAR DOS Command Help Program 114KB
 MSDOS622.RAR MSDOS 6.22 Images 3,564KB
 PCD2000.RAR PCDOS 2000 Images 7,957KB
 WFWDSK.RAR Win For WorkGroups (3.11) Images 7,957KB
 TURBOBAT.EXE Batch Compiler TurboBatch - Windows Self Extractor 140KB
 BAT2EXEC.EXE Batch Compiler Bat2Exec - Windows Self Extractor 124KB
 MACROBATCH.EXE Batch Macro Routines - Windows Self Extractor 105KB
 BATCOM.RAR Batch - BATCOM Compiler 103KB
 MASM6.RAR Compiler - DOS Assembler 2,235KB
 BATCH13.ZIP Batch - Comprehensive collection of programs 123KB
 PBATCH12.ZIP Batch - Enahancer, Menus Mouse, Hotkeys, Colors 84KB
 BATSCRN.ZIP Batch - Full Screen pop-up pause/answer 21KB
 BATMNU21.ZIP Batch - File menus with point & shoot & windwos 34KB
 BCSRCE2.ZIP Batch - Wenham's BATCOM compiled .BAT Source Code 124KB
 BIGECHO1.ZIP Batch - Display 10-Character Large Block Letter Message 18KB
 BLRMU.ZIP Batch - 41 Utilties for Batch 89KB
 BMENU54.ZIP Batch - Pop-up menu system 21KB
 BDRIVE01.ZIP Batch - Get Boot Drive from ERRORLEVEL 9KB
 CENVI211.ZIP Batch - CEnvi Batch-Enhancer/Macro/C-Interpreter 496KB
 CHDISK10.ZIP Batch - Waits Until Floppy Disk is Changed 496KB
 CHOICE17.ZIP Batch - Ask Multi-level questions in batch files 41KB
 CUTPALK12.ZIP Batch - Clay's Utility Pack v1.2 is a collection of DOS batch and command line utilities. For example: FILEINFO and FILEDATA get internal file info from Windows program modules. ENVMASTR reads/edits environment variables of any running DOS program and reports environment size, usage, and free bytes. OCOPY is an overwriting file copier; NetWare-aware and share- aware, it can copy a file that is in use, and it can copy hidden and system files. INIMOD and INIREAD do batch editing and interpretation of INI files. XCHANGE (Extended Change) does global search-and-replace for text and binary files, replacing a string with another string or with the content of a file. YANK, for text files, similarly replaces a whole line containing a seekstring.Includes 40 programs in all. 311KB
 DO.ZIP Batch - Powerful interactive batch utility 40KB
 DOMENU13.ZIP Batch - Window Menus to Batch Files 5KB