Mary Lee - "I Don't Need A Warrant - Do As I Say"
  Amendment IV. The right of the people to be secure in their persons,
  houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures,
  shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable
  cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing
  the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

  2016 - Springfield, Tennessee

Mary Lee
DCPS Prosecutor
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    More Useful Information: Women's Justice Center   CPSSucks   FightCPS

    Disclaimer: This page contains opinons of the author and is not legal advice. Always consult an attorney for legal advice.

      1. Anyone from the government (city/county/state/federal) investigating you is a prosecutor. It does not matter what they say their position with the government is; social worker, case worker, etc.. They are there to gather evidence to use against you. You are the defendant. If you do not believe this you are wasting your time reading the rest of this page.
      2. These individuals are trained to lie, to manipulate your feelings/emotions and use them against you, to threaten you/your spouse/children, harrass you at your work, talk to your chldren at school etc.. It is legal. They have what is called "qualified immunity" so you can not sue them for doing thier job which is to get you to give them information to prosecute you with. They are not honorable people.
      3. Anything you say will be twisted and used used against you. Nothing is confidential or "off-the-record".
      4. You do not have to show them your id. Don't do it.
      5. Only a court order can compel you to let them in your home. No court order superceeds your right to remain silent, keep your mouth shut.
      6. They are not on your team. They are not your friend. They are not trying to help you. You are just an income to them.
      7. The Supreme Court of the United States has stated that if you want to stay out of trouble, don't talk to the police (or anyone investigating you). It is your right to remain silent. If you chose to give up that right, anything you say will be used against you and it's your fault. All Judges and attorney's know that if the defendant (meaning YOU) talks long enough, they will convict themselves (happens every day).
      8. This type of law is civil law, meaning they do not have to prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, they only have to say so. Do not go to court or a hearing of any kind without your attorney, don't do it. You are not entitled to a court appointed attorney.
      9. There is no fairness, no honesty, no accountability (almost none anyway), the court is already against you.
      My suggestions on how to protect yourself from these vultures:
      1. Do video record all interactions with them in public, in your home or anywhere else. You have the right to video record any government employee in public, on your property or in your home, at all times, no exception. You do not need anyone's permission to do so. No matter what they say, do not turn the recorder off. If they ask you why you are recording tell them the truth "I am recording for my protection" and shut up. If using your phone, hold the phone sideways to get the best imaage.
      2. Do keep the camera on them at all times. Do not put the camera right in their face.
      3. Do not record your image or those of your spouse or children. They are the stars not you.
      4. Do not verbally answer any questions. Tell them to submit any questions to you in writing so you can properly answer them. If they say they do not have to do that or refuse for any reason, just remain silent recording them. Until they leave.
      5. If you know they are coming (appointment etc.) your spouse should take the children somewhere else. Do not volunteer where they have gone. These people are trained to use your spouse and children against you. To distract you, to use them to wear you down till you give them what they want (information to prosecute you). Do not let your spouse and children be subjected to emotional abuse by these people. You want to keep all meetings with them as short as possible.
      6. Do make them show their id and video record it. Make sure you clearly record their id. If they refuse, walk away from them, close your door, ask them to leave your property.
      7. Do not volunteer ANY information about yourself, your spouse, your children, your job, your family, etc.. Only answer questions in writting.
      8. Do not tell them how you are feeling, how your day has gone, what you like or do not like. Anything you say will be used against you.
      9. Do answer a question with the truth. keep your answers factual and extremely short. Do not lie or exagerate in any way. If you need help writing your answers, seek help from a trusted friend. If asked if anyone has helped you answer their questions (none of their business), just say "those are my answers", it is the truth.
      10. Do not invite them into your home. If you are compelled to do so because of a court order, back away from the door enough to let them walk in and say "I do not agree to you being in my home". Never stop recording them.
      11. Do not allow them to use your bathroom. These people are forcing themselves into your life, are not your guests and should never be treated as such. They are intruders into your home and a real danger to you and your family.
      12. Do not allow them to sit down (shortest meetings are those where everyone stands).
      13. Do not tell them how you are feeling.
      14. Do not accept their word (trained liars remember?) that they have a court order or a warrant. Make them give you a written copy.
      15. Do remain silent. The less you talk the better.
      16. Do not agree to meet with them at their office. They can prevent you from recording the meeting and you will find that you are facing a bunch of people all intent on gathering information to prosecute you. IF you must go into that lions den, do not take your children with you.
      17. Do not shake hands with them, touch them, or allow them to touch you or any member of your family.
      18. Do not raise your voice, cuss, drop the F bomb or tell them what you think of them or what you think of anything else. It will be used against you.
      19. Do keep your voice calm (no matter how you are feeling).
      20. Do not verbally attack them. It is ok to think of them as scumbags, skunks, snakes, SOBs, bitches, or anything else, just don't say it.
      21. Do not let them get away with saying you are obstructing their investigation. When they say somthing like that, tell them "I am not obstructing your investigation in any way. I am here, you are here. What do you want?".
      22. Do respond to any accusation that you are not being compliant with a court order by asking them "What do you think I am supposed to do?".
      23. Do presume that you are being recorded, absolutely when the police are present.
      24. Do not allow them to record in your home. You have the right to record them, they do not have the right to record you in your own home. DO NOT ALLOW IT! You can not stop the police from recording you.
      25. Do not agree to anything. Once you do, it is the same as signing a contract and you are legally bound to that agreement. Don't do it!
      26. Do not agree to mediation, it's a joke and stacked against you.
      27. Do not sign or initial anything. If you must, do so only after consulting with your attorney.
      28. Do not think you are smarter than they are. It is always a mistake for a defendant to think such and try to prove it. You are never dealing with just the people in front of you. There are hundreds more of them and lawyers in an office somewhere near by that are paid to figure out ways to prosecute you. Do not try to prove to them that you are smarter.

    Do what you want and think is best for your situation. Just remember, these people are not honest or honorable in any way. They will lie at the drop of a hat. If you let them, they run your life, destroy your health, take your children from you, ruin your friendships, meeting you to death.

    Do not agree to anything as if for any reason you fail to uphold that agreement, you can be prosecuted for just failing to keep the agreement.

    Always remember that nothing is for free. Anything and I mean anything they ask or tell you to do will cost you money, they pay for nothing. Got it?

    If your children are taken from you, they will present you with a bill for housing, food, toys, clothing, medicine, gifts, transportation, etc.. Refuse to pay it.

    Extreme case, move to another state. Don't tell anyone where you moved. Don't put move notice to post office. Don't tell your friends or co-workers.