BREAKING: Federal Govt to Control & Oversee Grocery Distribution With Private Sector Partnerships

Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, Kroger, top grocery chains to be deemed 'critical infrastructure,' National Guard to protect key distribution points

By Mike Adams | Natural News Sunday, March 15, 2020

The US federal government is planning to protect and control grocery distribution across the United States via public / private partnerships with top grocery chains such as Wal-Mart, Kroger, HEB (Texas), Target, Costco, etc., high-level sources now tell Natural News.

The effort is being made to ensure the smooth delivery of food supplies to the public as a coronavirus lockdown is about to commence on a regional basis, and food supplies are necessary to prevent social unrest, lawlessness and looting.

Alex Jones exclusively breaks down President Trump’s decision to implement an interstate travel ban as early as this evening, according to experts inside the Pentagon and White House, in the latest escalation against the coronavirus outbreak.

Natural News has learned details of this plan which we are told is in the final stages of being completed, with some measure of rollout to begin as early as just a few days from now in at least one region of the country. We were also told that we got the attention of the administration when I appeared on the Alex Jones Show two weeks ago and delivered predictions numbers that closely matched the classified numbers the CDC and HHS already had, none of which had been released to the public. This “caused alarm” in certain circles, we were told, because the CDC thought they had a leak to Natural News (which apparently would be the end of the world at the CDC). They later concluded that we had reached the same conclusions based on mathematical models, not any leak. I can confirm that nobody from the CDC has leaked anything to us.

The reason we have arrived at the same numbers is because I can do math and as a scientist, I understand the principles of epidemiology and exponential spread. My pandemic projection spreadsheet has accurately predicted all the recent deaths with near-perfect accuracy, by the way, and I released it publicly on March 9th, revealing all the math behind the calculations.

On the good news side, we are told that Trump is working day and night to coordinate a response that keeps the American people fully supplied with food, medicine, water and security, and that this plan will be implemented with absolutely zero advanced warning to the public. We are also told that VP Mike Pence is secretly working with pharmaceutical companies to rapidly accelerate critical drug manufacturing in the United States of America, with special efforts under way to resurrect certain factories in Puerto Rico that were wiped out by the hurricane last year. The long-term plan, we are told, is to designate the pharmaceutical supplies lines as strategic infrastructure much like the strategic oil reserves, and to maintain US manufacturing of certain medications from this day forward.

The days of outsourcing everything to China, in other words, are over. Thank God globalism is finally starting to implode. Let us hope Trump uses this opportunity to promote the importance of nationalism and redundant supplies lines filled with “made in America” goods and materials.

Here are the details of the food / grocery that have been shared with us:

What this means is that many of these federal emergency efforts will be focused on the West and East Coasts. We aren’t expecting draconian lockdowns in the near future in any states other than Washington, California, New York and Virginia, with New Jersey a candidate that’s likely to follow.

That’s all we know so far.

The good news is that Trump is planning for what’s coming, and he is maintaining supply lines that are necessary to prevent mass starvation and death.

Oh, this also reminds us to tell you what Dr. Anthony Fauci said earlier today. And remember that Fauci is advising the president on everything right now. He says, “If it looks like you’re overreacting you’re probably doing the right thing.”

Yep. As reported by The Hill:

“If you just leave the virus to its own defenses it’ll go way up like we’ve seen in Italy – that’s not going to happen if we do what we’re attempting to do and are doing,” Fauci told CBS’ Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation.”

Also worth noting: The Mayor of NYC has just announced that literally everyone in the city has likely been exposed. With everyone exposed, it’s not difficult to see that one-third of the city could become infected, and that’s millions of people.

Hence the need for the government to begin to oversee and protect food distribution centers.

And NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer just called for a total shutdown of the entire city. He’s doing that because he knows what the numbers are, and they’re already apocalyptic. The hospitals in NYC will be completely overrun in about 3-4 weeks:

The way to get out of crisis is to act logically and strategically.

Logic says we need universal testing but that’s sadly not happening. Strategy says we need more aggressive social distancing.

That is why today, out of an abundance of caution, I am calling for a city shutdown.

— Scott M. Stringer (@NYCComptroller) March 15, 2020

If you thought the retail stores were insane yesterday and today, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

And nobody is laughing at preppers any longer…

Stay informed. Read if you want to live.