These references describe, where I found the documents - not where they are now. If you find dead links - please keep me informed.


  1. Bachmann, Erik:
  2. Xbase : File format description / Erik Bachmann. - Roskilde, Denmark : Clickety Click Software, 1996-2003. - HTML document



  3. Barnett, Phil:
  4. The Oasis is a Clipper Programmers Source Code Archive / Phil Barnett.

    Abstract: The Oasis is the largest and best maintained file archive for CA-Clipper and xBase on the web, and is still growing! The Oasis is created specifically for Clipper programmers to satisfy their need for demo's, utilities, Clipper source code, patches and libraries. The Oasis evolved from the FIDO filebone, additions from FIDO message bases, messages from the internet comp.lang.clipper newsgroup, my personal source code and utility donations and other programmers donations directly into the site.



  5. Born, Günter:
  6. The File Formats Handbook / Günter Born. - London : Thomson, 1995. - 1274 pg. - ISBN 1-85032-117-5


  7. CA-Clipper File Structures : Detailed Structure Information. . - ( Xbase Techniques. ; Computer Associates International, Inc. ). - 1993. - Pg. 7-10

  9. Botstein, Boris:
  10. DbfNtx / Boris Botstein

    A set of simple classes to access dbf && ntx files from C++ programm. Thread safe. Easy to use and modify, because sources are as small as possible.

    URL: ;


  11. Castro, L.:
  12. Advanced programmer's guide featuring dBASE III and dBASE II / L. Castro. - Culver City, California, USA : Ashton-Tate, 1985. - 10+664 pg. - ISBN 0-912677-05-8

    Note: Literature list and Terminology list


  13. dBASE .DBF File Structure. - (Borland Technical Documents ; TI12821)
  14. Found at:


  15. CLIP : Object orientired, CA-Clipper compatible compiler
  16. Found at:


    Object orientired, CA-Clipper compatible compiler

  17. Corll, Brian:
  18. TPDB 3.14 :Turbo Pascal Tools for dBASE / Brian Corll Size 63840 bytes, Date 1991-01-30

    Abstract: Object Oriented Database Toolbox fore Turbo Pascal 6.0 Utilizing dBASE Compatible Data Files. Allows you to access, index, search, read and write database files that were created with dBASE III or III Plus, using 75+ Turbo Pascal procedures and functions written specifically for these purposes, and implementing object-oriented techniques. This toolbox supports multiple data files and associated indexes (NOT dBASE INDEXES !) limited only by available memory and file handles allowed by DOS. Index keys can be up to 254 characters, and can be composed of multiple fields or expressions which evaluate to a string not longer than 254 characters.



  19. dBASE .DBF File Structure
    Data File Header Structure for the dBASE Version 7 Table File. - 44k



  20. Dechert, Alan
  21. Fixing dBASE DOS applications for Year 2000 Compliance



  22. Eacker, Brad:
  23. DBF : A set of tools and library routines to manipulate xbase files / Brad Eacker : Silicon Graphics, 1994. - Computer files ; C source ; ASCII text

    Note: UUNET vol. 43 1994

    Abstract: UUnet : volume43 (Period: 08 Jun 94 - 24 Jul 94), dbf/part0[1-2] : dbf - xbase manipulation package ;




  24. Err : "Not a Database File". - (Microsoft Knowledge Base. ; Article Q98743)
  25. URL:


  26. TDbf - a Delphi component.

    Abstract: TDbf is a TTable like component for single-user application. It allow you to use DBF tables in your small delphi project with no need of any big dll and without to have to install the BDE.



  27. General Format of .dbf files in Xbase Language. - (Multisoft GmbH ; 1996)
  28. Found at:


  29. Gmelch, Rasca:
  30. libdbf : simple routines for accessing xbase data files / Rasca Gmelch. - Berlin, 1996. - Computer files ; C source ; ASCII text

    Found at:


  31. Hogan, T.:
  32. The Programmers's PC sourcebook : Reference tables for IBM PCs and compatibles, PS/2 systems, EISA-based systems, MS-DOS operating system through version 5, Microsoft Windows through version 3 : Hundred of new charts and tables / T. Hogan. - Redmond, Washington, USA : Microsoft Press, 1991. - Multiple pagination. - ISBN 1-55615-321-X


  33. The Harbour Project
  34. Harbour is a free software compiler for the xBase superset language often referred to as Clipper (the language that is implemented by the compiler CA-Clipper). Harbour's chosen base implementation is, for the moment, the 5.2e version of CA-Clipper. This isn't to say that the additions found in 5.3 won't make it into Harbour, it simply reflects the fact that many Clipper programmers see 5.2e as the "last best" implementation of Clipper.



  35. Kunkel, Gary:
  36. Xbase DBMS / Gary Kunkel

    This product provides C and C++ programmers a class and function library for manipulating Xbase type datafiles and indices.
    XBase DBMS currently includes routines to support multi-user access for .DBF databases, fields, Dbase IV memo fields (variable length fields), dates, record and file locking and indexes (.NDX). There is also an HTML user interface class which works well with the Apache Web Server. Future releases will support filters, enhanced .MDX index files, transaction support, Dbase III memo fields, a client server configuration, secure data options and other enhancements requesteed by anyone using this library.

    Found at:

    It appears that Gary Kunkel has given up this module and turned it into a public project at Version 2.0 is now available at:



  37. How to Modify the Table Header from FoxPro. - (Microsoft Knowledge Base. ; Article Q139758 ; )
  38. Found at:


  39. OOxBase (Version 2.10) - A SOM Interface To dBase (OS/2) (BETA). - (American Coders, LTD.)
  40. URL:


  41. Pazdziora, Jan
  42. DBD::XBase : Module for dealing with XBase files
    Package DBD::XBase contains module XBase that can read and write dbf and dbt file, and also alpha release of DBI driver, that will be further extended to support everything required by DBI 0.92.



  43. Pereira, Pratap
  44. v. 1.07 : a module for perl 5


    Outdated. Try: Jan Pazdziora's "Module for dealing with XBase files".


  45. Max for Linux
  46. PlugSys International LLC []
    The new application development family that leverages the traditional strengths of Clipper and Xbase while exploiting the power of Linux and the memory management of 32-bit Windows.



  47. The PHP Documentation Group

    php Reference Manual / The PHP Documentation Group

    These functions allow you to access records stored in dBase-format (dbf) databases.



  48. RexxBase (Version 2.21) - The dBase Database For REXX. - (American Coders, LTD.)
  49. URL:


  50. Seay, Doug:
  51. CxBase : A Perl Library for manipulating Xbase files / Doug Seay

    Author Source:

    Author Address:
    It seems to be unsupported :-)

    This package was former known as CodeBase, but the name was changed (by me) to CxBase due to a violation on Sequiters copyright on the name CodeBase.


  52. Simpson, Alan:
  53. dBASE III PLUS : Programmer's Reference Guide / Alan Simpson. - Almeda : Sybex Inc., 1987. - 1029 pg. - ISBN 0-89588-301-5

    Abstract: Data file structure and memo file structure for xBase


  54. Spence, Rick:
  55. Clipper Programming Guide / Rick Spence. - 2.nd edition. - Microtrend Books, Slawson Communications, Inc. - ISBN 0-915391-41-4


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  57. Turbo C : Memory-resistent utilities, screen I/O and programming techniques / A. Stevens. - Portland, Origon, USA : MIS Press, 1987. - 10+315 pg. - ISBN 0-943518-35-0

    Note: Video Windows and TSR utility programs


  58. Townsend, Carl:
  59. Mastering dBASE III : A Structured Approach / Carl Townsend. - Berkeley : Sybex Inc., 1985. - ISBN 0-89588-301-5

    Abstract: Data file structure and index file structure for xBase


  60. Walden, J.:
  61. File formats for popular PC software : A programmer's reference / J. Walden. - New York, New York, USA : Wiley, 1986. - 16+287 pg. - ISBN 0-471-83671-0


  62. WANG, Thomas:
  63. Transactional Locking, Part 1 / Thomas Wang (



  64. What FoxPro Checks When Opening a .DBF File. - (Microsoft Knowledge Base. ; Article Q119763)
  65. Found at:
    It seems that Microsoft has removed that document.


  66. WHITE, Gary:
  67. Some dBASE Stuff / Gary White

    This is my dBASE stuff. It ranges from old stuff for the DOS versions of dBASE to new stuff for Visual dBASE version 7. There's even some stuff that's non-version-specific. You'll also find links to some other very good sites. Don't forget the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), which is included in a site search.



  68. White Paper on CodeBase 6, xBASE technology, and Sequiter's OLE DB development plan. - (Sequiter Software)
  69. URL:


  70. xBaseJ - Java Objects To Read and Write to dBase Files. - (American Coders, LTD.)
  71. URL:


  • xBaseView (v.6.06) - Universal Database Viewer (and Editor). - (Evgeniy Savich)
  • Windows based edior