SPF/PRO - (95/98/ME/NT/W2K/XP/Vista/7-32bit/32-XPMode/10-32bit/Linux-Wine)
The best of the SPF file manager/editors with syntax colorization, REXX macro language, extensible ISPF Panel/command system, comprehensive built-in manual, column/row cut/paste, etc. Runs well in a windows emmulator (VM/VPC/Wine). Need to edit/sort four million line data/code files or perform search/edits on 2,000 HTML files at once? No problem. Works on 32bit Windows XP/Vista/7.
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  • SPFPRO Reference

  • Colormaps (SPFPRO, SPFPC 4.x) - (Right click/Save as to download) 0.4 Color Definition Schemes

  • Edit Profiles - (Right click/Save as to download)

  • Macros for SPFPCv3/4, SPFPRO Some macros will work with SPF/PC, SPF/SE and XE using an external DOS or Windows REXX Interpreter such as:  DOSREXX  OOREXX  R4  Reginald  Regina  roo  I recommend the DOSREXX or R4 as they don't require you to delete the SPFPRO sections to run (that darn pesky validation scan).

    ABSTRACT.SPF - Shows how to create a HTML document for IE to display and print. I create a lot of reports and have found it is easier to have REXX build the report into a web page, using IE (or whatever) to display/print the report.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    BACKBOX.SPF - CTC - (Assign to keys) Background Box Drawing Edit Macro.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    BFTPSEND.SPF - Send ANY file to web site(s) defined in list. My second most used macro. I use it to upload HTML/CSS/JAVA/REXX code, FLI, FLV, GIF, JPG/JPEG, PDF, MP3, SWF, WMA, WMV, WAV etc. to web sites I mantain without having to remember the address, userid, password etc. Will also send a copy to a mirror site if specified in list.
    Works with SPFLite, SPF/PC, SPFPC, SPFPRO, SPF/SE(see comment), XE.

    BFTPGET.SPF - Sometimes you just have to get the code back from the server. To use initiate an Edit session on the file you want to overlay with the web version and BFTPGET will retrieve the file. Macro shows how to specify ftp info.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    BOX.SPF - CTC - Box Drawing Edit Macro.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    CALC.SPF - Bring up windows calculator within SPF.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO, SPF/SE(see comment), XE

    CAP.SPF - Make 1st letter of each sentence text upper case.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    CENTER.SPF - CTC - Center text in line.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    CHECK.SPF - Validates HTML, Java or PHP code (syntax). Uses Tidy for html, JLint for Java and PHP windows binary for PHP.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    COMP.SPF - Call compiler based on file name extension (.ext). Compile errors are returned to the source code edit session as a NOTE just above the buggy code. Works with DOS Batch, PowerBASIC, C, Visual BASIC, Clipper, PHP, MicroFocus/Realia COBOL, ZBASIC.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    COUNTSTR.SPF - CTC - Counts string occurance in text.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    CSA.SPF - CTC - Calls CTC COBOL Explorer.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    DELWORD.SPF - CTC - (Assign to key) Deletes the word at the cursor position. The cursor is positioned where the word began before it was deleted.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    DIR.SPF - Excutes the OS DIR command returning result (C:\TEMP\DRET.TXT) in a new edit session. Remember that SPF has to wait for DOS/Emmulator to get done processing the command.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    DIR2HTML.SPF - Takes Directory Listing and Creates HTML page. Expects the input file to be C:\TEMP\DRET.TXT and the Output file will be C:\TEMP\DRET.HTM
    Works with SPF/PC, SPFPC, SPFPRO, SPF/SE(see comment), XE.

    DIR2SITEMAP.SPF - Takes Directory Listing (C:\TEMP\DRET.TXT) and Creates a XML Google compliant site map file. Really fast. Output file will be C:\TEMP\DRET.XML (Sample). Edit to change Windows/DOS slashes to internet linux slashes.
    Works with SPFLite, SPF/PC SPFPC, SPFPRO SPF/SE(see comment), XE.

    EDITFILE.SPF - CTC - (Assign to a key) EDITFILE is best used when assigned to a key, like CTRL-E. It allows you to be inside a source module that makes reference to a copy book or a C include file and, by positioning the cursor on top of the name of the file and hitting the assigned key, edit the file with a single keystroke.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    FLOWTXT.SPF - Flow text to aid in creation of text (book size) web page or for conversion to a PALM document.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    GETVAR.SPF - CTC - Get an OS environment variable value.

    H1.SPF - How to call a PC program passing it the word the cursor is on.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    H3.SPF - (Assign to key and/or mouse) This macro is designed to provide a help screen when you place cursor over key word and double-click or use assigned function key. Having to program in one of ten languages on a given day, I needed a system to refresh memory. This macro uses indexes to determine where to find the info for the keyword. Calls 3 types of help files: Text, WebPage and Windows CHM. In SPFPC/SPFPRO place cursor on keyword and press assigned key. When a text file is used, the keyword syntax is displayed one line above the keyword. When viewing a web page or windows help (CHM) the internet browser (IE or another) is invoked passing the location of the CHM help file. Press ALT F4 to close window and return to SPF.
    NOTE: For SPFPRO users, when editing SPF or ISP macros H3 will call the buit-in SPFPRO help system for the keyword. For SPFPCv3/4 users the SPFPRO.BDX index will be used to call an indexed web version of the SPFPRO help file. For non-SPFPRO/SPFPCv3/4 (such as SPF/PC 2.1, SPF/SE, XE). This macro will work when called from the command line with parms passed through to your Windows or DOS REXX interpreter.
    Screen Shots: SPFLite , SPF/PCXE
    Here are some help index files to get you started:
    ADSO - IDMS ADSO Main Frame/PC calls manmrk web page
    ASM(PC) - PC Assembly Language using ASM.BDX file for info
    C - Language (no extensions) uses C.BDX file for info
    COBOL - Language calls manmrk web pages or Download Pages
    HTML - HTML Tags - Calls W3C web pages for info
    LB - Liberty Basic - Calls manmrk web pages
    OOREXX - calls manmrk web pages or Download Pages
    PHP - PHP Functions/Syntax - Displays compliled web page from .CHM file Download PHP-CHM-HelpFile
    PowerBasic for DOS - calls manmrk web page
    PowerBasic Console Compiler v4
    PowerBasic Windows v8
    REXX - uses REXX.BDX file for info (file I created for Personal REXX)
    REXXC - Classic REXX help - calls manmrk mirror of KREXX Pages or Download Pages
    SPFPRO - Help for SPFPCv4 - calls manmrk web page
    Works with SPFLite, SPF/PC, SPFPC, SPFPRO, SPF/SE(see comment, DBLCLICK.C), XE.

    HAPI.SPF - Shows how to call a Windows Help DLL from within SPF.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    LENGTH.SPF - CTC (Assign to key) Determines the length of word under cursor.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    MARKSRTN.SPF - Mark's REXX Subroutines

    MATCH.SPF - CTC - Find matching ()[]{}<> character.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    NEXTWORD.SPF - CTC - (Assign to a key) This macro finds the next occurrence of the word at the current cursor position. This elimiates the need to enter a find command on the command line when you wish to find other occurrences of a program variable.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    ONLY.SPF - CTC - Performs converse of EXCLUDE command, where the current edit session is searched and all lines that DO NOT contain the specified search criterion are excluded.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    PREVWORD.SPF - CTC - (Assign to a key) Finds the previous occurrence of the word at the current cursor position. Elimiates the need to enter a find command on the command line when you wish to find other occurrences of a program variable.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    RDOS.SPF - Excute DOS command/program returning results to a new edit session.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

    SUB.SPF - Submit programs/files for execution on PC. My most used macro. Sends HTML, GIF, JPG, SWF, PDF files to IE for display. Using SPFPC/SPFPRO Sub can execute SPF/ISP macros and SPFPC/SPFPRO Dialog/Panels. SPF/SE C macros are sent to SPF/SE for execution. When compiler source (BASIC/ZBASIC/POWERBASIC, COBOL, etc is sumbitted, SUB swaps the filespec exnt (.bas .c .pbc .pbs etc) for .com/.exe and attempts to execute such in the source code home directory. SUB can execute REXX macros using your favorite REXX interpreter. DBase/XBase source is sent to the DB engine for execution. PalmDOC files are sent to DOCREADER for execution. See comment for list of support languages.
    Works with SPFLite, SPF/PC, SPFPC, SPFPRO, SPF/SE(see SUB.C under SPF/SE C macros), XE.

    WIN.SPF - Execute Windows programs from within SPFPRO or SPFPC 4.x.
    Works with SPFPC, SPFPRO.

  • Macro Subroutines - Most will work with any REXX interpreter
    XFILESPEC.SPF - Retrieve components of file name (uses LTRIM)
    XFLIP.SPF - Swap text around a comma
    XGETPARM.SPF - Get parms bounded by ticks '' in string
    XISLIKE.SPF - Do pattern matching on a string (like DOS wildcards)
    XMSGBOX.SPF - Uses WMSGBOX.EXE to display OK message box in windows
    XOSCMD.SPF - Sends commands to System OS based on REXX interpreter
    XTRIM.SPF - Trim left n or right n characters from a string
    XUCWORDS.SPF - Make 1st letter of each word upper case
    XWORDS.SPF - Perform 'WORD' string handling on strings using characters other than a space
    XZEROFILES.SPF - Zeros out a file (REXX can not). Uses WZEROFILE.EXE